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VOTING BOOTH: For the Week of February 14, 2016
note: this is a "new music" chart- songs that have been on the chart for more than 3 months (13 weeks) or over 125 points can no longer be voted up. let's save room for new songs. ;-)
Song/Artist Pts/WOTrendVote It Up
or Down
Here- Alessia Cara
123/8  down
Class Historian- BRONCHO
109/5  up
Upside Down & Inside Out- Ok Go
95/4  up
Die Young With Me- Blacklist Royals
95/6  -
Oceans- Seafret
95/7  -
Oh Little Boy- Sahara Beck
95/9  down
Long Way Down- Robert DeLong
94/9  -
Strange- Charlotte OC
81/4  up
Ship To Wreck- Florence and the Machine
81/5  up
40oz. On Repeat- FIDLAR
80/8  down
You're Not Alone- Marie Miller
80/10  down
Aguacero- Mitre
80/11  down
Bath Salts- Highly Suspect
67/3  up
Nottamun Town- Listenbee
52/3  up
This Is How I Let You Down
The Franklin Electric
52/10  down
Live Free And Die- Bonsai Trees
51/13  down
Secret In The Dark- Monika
38/2  up
Magic- Paperwhite
38/2  up
Sympathy for the Devil- Ben Arthur
38/3  up
Be So Good- Lucy Peach
37/13  down
Believe You're Mine- Nada Surf
23/12  down
Rollercoaster- Bleachers
10/1  up
This Side of Paradise- Clara Nova
10/1  up
Shaky Ground- Freedom Fry
9/14  down
Memoir- Villagers
8/14  down
Little Things
Vieux Farka Touré & Julia Easterlin
8/15  down

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