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Rkstar Message Board : Open Mic :
Discuss the Rkstar Open Mic, or others. Make plans to collaborate a song with others, share your favorite open mic acts, announce other open mics, etc.

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Topic:Best Open Mic - TONIGHT
by: sujonuko
June 1, '09 10:53am
Hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday last Monday. We sure did! But we're really excited to be back at the Cup tonight for Albany's #1 Open Mic Night! If you have not had a chance to come out to the Muddy Cup Open Mic Night in Albany (located right in between the Madison Movie Theater and the Madison Ave. Price Chopper, and diagonally across from The College of St. Rose), tonight would be a great night to come check it out!

Muddy Cup Open Mic Night

Monday Nights

Sign Up at 8pm

Open Mic: 8:30 - 11:30pm

Open to All talents and ability levels, all ages, anyone is welcome.


Hosted by Josh Okun, Tom Teta, and Matt Delgado

The Muddy Cup Coffee House serves up some great beverages including coffees, coffee shakes, smoothies, soda, juice, tea, iced tea and more. They also have some great snacks, sandwiches, pastries, and delicious cookies! Come on out just to hang out, listen to music, comedy, poetry, and whatever else the night brings!

Don't forget to say HI!

Thanks, and we hope to see you all tonight at the Muddy Cup.

Josh, Matt, and Tom
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