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Post your pictures of bands live. One picture per post. Just reply to the post to add another picture. JPG format only, keep it under 50k, and the suggested picture size is 512x384.

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Topic:Old Larkin Pictures
by: Rkstar
July 20, '04 6:21pm

This is a bunch of random pictures from old videos I shot at the Larkin before the management announced that they weren't legally allowed to host concerts. This picture is of Brian Kaplan Band on 1/24/03, You can watch the full video here.
by: Rkstar
July 20, '04 6:58pm

This is of Amanda Rogers last February. The show was kind of a last minute thing and had a poor turn out, but I actually got to set up the lighting how I wanted, and it amazes me how great the quality of my camera's video is when filming something that's properly lit. You can watch the video here.
by: Rkstar
July 20, '04 7:04pm

Sirsy always packed the room. In this shot you see Melanie, Greg, and Rich of the band. Their old guitarist Mike Steiner played the show with them that night and you can see him in the video from Feb 8, 2003.
by: Rkstar
July 20, '04 7:13pm

Bryan Thomas tore up the room on March 7, 2003 with his trademark solo funk-soul. You can see this video here.
by: Rkstar
July 20, '04 7:20pm

Scotia folk trio See Girl Run took the stage on April 18, '03. You actually have to watch the video to hear the harmonies these three churn out.
by: Rkstar
July 20, '04 7:27pm

Knotworking like playing with all the lights out. I managed to get them to turn the lights up to like 10% for the duration of three songs put on video. It was still completely pitch black on my screen. Even though Mike Hotter is really the only member you can see, I think did a decent job at lightening it, eh?
by: Rkstar
July 20, '04 7:32pm

Finally, Jes Hudak played in May and finishes up this series of days past. Don't let Zoolander fool you, she patented the ridiculously good looking eyebrow raise. You can watch her video here.
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