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Rkstar Message Board : Concert Photos :
Post your pictures of bands live. One picture per post. Just reply to the post to add another picture. JPG format only, keep it under 50k, and the suggested picture size is 512x384.

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by: candi303
Apr. 26, '06 6:16pm

Hey All!!!

This is a picture from the Skyline Restaurant taken on 3-24-06. Keep on rockin!!!!

by: patman
Apr. 28, '06 1:01pm
"You look mavelous". It's an old Billy Crystal line from Sat. nite live.
by: candi303
May 7, '06 2:40pm
Thanks Patman!

It's tough for me to get good live photos - most of the time I am making a stupid face ... or the shots get blurred because I move around a lot. :-) I'm worse than a little kid at a portrait studio... :-)
by: lyricaltobias
June 9, '06 2:36pm
Can't wait to you rock Lena along with Kev Brock coming up ahead later in the month! Eqx is playing your new song "Sweetest Sin"
by: candi303
June 26, '06 2:06am
Hey Tobias!

I was totally psyched about my song getting played - they contacted me while I was in Florida to let me know... how cool!!! Thanks for the props! See you at Lena!!!!!


Candice Jarrett
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