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Post your pictures of bands live. One picture per post. Just reply to the post to add another picture. JPG format only, keep it under 50k, and the suggested picture size is 512x384.

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Topic:St Rose Relay for Life
by: ValsFansRock
Apr. 24, '06 1:49pm

Venomentality @ St Rose!
Thanks to all the organizers and teams that walked!
by: southpaw
Apr. 26, '06 6:56am
GPK said you guys rocked!
by: m0mh0ckey
Apr. 26, '06 2:18pm
Haha- well, he's a little biased but it was a fun show! Very cool vibe!
by: lyricaltobias
June 9, '06 2:32pm
One of my favorite cd's from last year "Chords and Chaos" and one of my favorite bands from the area. Not to mention hearing that Avril cover at Lena. Venomentality gave Smalbany a wake up call!
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