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Rkstar Message Board : Concert Photos :
Post your pictures of bands live. One picture per post. Just reply to the post to add another picture. JPG format only, keep it under 50k, and the suggested picture size is 512x384.

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Topic:Fountains Of Wayne Pix
by: Rkstar
July 15, '04 3:21am

So I hit up the Fountains Of Wayne show tonight at the Plaza. It was moved inside "due to inclement weather". I've never been inside the Egg's convention center before... it's actually a pretty cool place to hold a concert for a band that draws about 1500. This here is the view of the stage from the back of the room.
by: Rkstar
July 15, '04 3:44am

Because the show was inside, they had guards on duty who wouldn't let me sneak my video equipment in, so I had to run back to my truck and snag my little cheap pocket-sized camera. This is the only picture that came out as crisp as I'd like, even though you can still see a little bit of interlacing on the back of his neck. This is Chris Collingwood, by the way, lead singer.
by: Rkstar
July 15, '04 3:54am

This is Adam Schlesinger, the bass player. I think he's going for the ol' A major third. Major thirds are way underrated and underused as far as harmonies on bass. Dontcha think?
by: Rkstar
July 15, '04 3:59am

Their touring keyboardist looks very debonaire, yes? Is he posing for the camera? Is he playing with his elbows? No! He actually just has the measure off and is waiting to come back in. That's the great thing about being a musician, you can take entire measures off from a song, but at the end of the day still get paid as if you played the whole show. Sweet.
by: Rkstar
July 15, '04 4:03am

Ever wonder why the drummers usually sit in the back of the stage? It's like next to impossible to play the drums without developing a silly look on your face. It's true! And it didn't help FOW drummer Brian Young at all to have a mic cable right in his face too! At least the smoke in the background kinda made him look like his in a photo shoot of sorts.
by: Rkstar
July 15, '04 4:12am

Jody Porter, the band's guitarist. Probably thinking something about eating John Tesh. That's all the pix I have from the show, if anyone else has any more, please just reply and post em to this thread! And of course, if you have any concert pictures from any other concert you'd like to share, just click "New Topic", put in the show info, post away!
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