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Rkstar Message Board : Concert Photos :
Post your pictures of bands live. One picture per post. Just reply to the post to add another picture. JPG format only, keep it under 50k, and the suggested picture size is 512x384.

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Topic:Avril Lavigne SPAC Aug 28, 2005
by: Valsfansrock
Aug. 29, '05 11:20pm

Avril Lavigne SPAC Aug 28, 2005
by: drummerboi1216
Aug. 29, '05 11:51pm
by: Ashleythrockstar
Aug. 30, '05 12:34am
wow, hot picture! you were that close?
by: lyricaltobias
Aug. 30, '05 5:02am
Avril rocked that place. "Fall to Pieces" was amazing.
by: Valsfansrock
Aug. 30, '05 9:01am
Yup! I got front row tickets through the fan club for my 13th birthday! She shook my hand and I got a guitar pick! It was so coooooooool!!! I love her music! I know a lot of people don't like pop but I don't care, I can relate to a lot of her songs.
by: kevbrockmusic
Aug. 30, '05 5:47pm
Great pic, guess they allowed cameras at that show, 'cause certain shows at SPAC they don't allow cameras and some do. Avril is a hot looking girl indeed.
by: lyricaltobias
Aug. 31, '05 8:05pm
I'm not into the blonde hair that Avril had. I like her natural hair color better.
by: drummerboi1216
Aug. 31, '05 9:28pm
i dont know man she looked funny befre shes hotter now
by: joespa111
Sept. 8, '05 11:53pm
Hello, I travelled from Seattle with my 10yr old daughter to see the show, we had 3rd row PIT seats. It was her first concert and she had an awesome experience. Butch Walker came into the pit and grabbed her arms, waving them back and forth + Avril touched her hand while singing. My only disappointment was that I was told no cameras would be allowed, so I didn't bring mine. I have no pics to help her remember this great time. If anyone can help, please, please, please send me some photos so I can print at local kinko's and add to her scrapbook. If you were close to us, she had black punk pants, black shirt w/red undershirt. I would be forever grateful if you can help us. thanks again. thanks

PS- if you can help but have problems sending large attachments, I can also provide you with my work e-mail, just let me know. ++ in exchange, if you need anything from Seattle - just ask!
by: ValsFansRock
Sept. 9, '05 1:41am
Hi Joe, I just sent you an email with the Avril pix...let me know if you don't receive it. Places always say no cameras but as long as you bring a disposable one and don't use flash they usually don't care....I mean, they'll ask at the gate if you have one and they'll tell you not to bring them in but if you just do it no one ever really stops you from taking a picture. Plus nowadays with the cameras in cel phones there's nothing they can do about that. That's what the gaurd told me at SPAC.
by: joespa111
Sept. 9, '05 10:28am
Thanks for the pics, they are great. If anyone else has others, please send them my way... This is a GREAT website. Thanks
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