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Post your pictures of bands live. One picture per post. Just reply to the post to add another picture. JPG format only, keep it under 50k, and the suggested picture size is 512x384.

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Topic:Venomentality @ Daily Grind Troy, NY
by: ValsFansRock
Aug. 25, '05 11:01pm

Valerie, Peter, Kristin, and Ben rock out at the Daily Grind open mic!
by: drummerboi1216
Aug. 25, '05 11:05pm
look at that awesome dude in the back payin the bongos
by: lyricaltobias
Aug. 26, '05 2:38am
Val that place looks cool. I can't wait to play there hopefully next week. The only snag is that will be the night before I head back into the studio. Rock up the scene!
by: valsfansrock
Aug. 26, '05 12:19pm
wow...he's the cutest drummer we've ever seen....
by: drummerboi1216
Aug. 26, '05 5:54pm
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