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Note: This page is very outdated (from 2003). It will be updated with the release of Rkstar 2.0 (whenever that's ready).

Is Best!
Dan Goodspeed-
For just about every contact this is best.
Snail Mail
(remember- mail bombs
only hurt the interns)

For the sending of physical objects like CDs:
Dan Goodspeed
1699 W Glenville Rd
Amsterdam, NY 12010

Important Note: Please send CDs in cases with spines clearly labelling the band/album name so they can be easily stored and retrieved in our collection of thousands of CDs. Thanks!

  • If you represent a band trying to get onto Readers Choice, send a CD with a press kit and specify the current/next single for the chart and its official "ready for airplay" date. You'll also have a better chance of making it onto the chart if the band is nationally touring with a local show in the coming months. Albums received become possibilities for written reviews as well.
  • If you're trying to get listed as a local band, you should send a CD here, but you'll also need to fill out the band sign-up form.
  • AOL IM
    (ain't technology grand?)
    Rkstar dot com
    (not checked too often, but it's there)
    (the last resort)
    (518) 253-2758
    (for emergency-type use only)
    (A dead medium)
    Fax Schmax:
    Fax machines have been replaced by the internet in the early 90's.