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Quicktime Samples

Remember: You need the QuickTime Plug-in for these clips to work.

[click on the word "Setting" in each block to watch the sample movie of
Monkey Gone Mad live for a demonstration of compresssion differences]

Setting 1: Modem Web
Data Rate: 7-12K/sec.
Video Size: 160x120 - 320x240.
Frame Rate: 7.5-10 FPS.
Pros: Because of QuickTime's progressive streaming feature, you can actually play video at higher rates than a modem will allow in real time, allowing for much higher quality video at low bandwidths.
Cons: You'll never get great video at a reasonable speed through a analog modem.

Setting 2: Broadband Web (Cable Modem, DSL, T1...)
Data Rate: 25-35K/sec.
Video Size: 256x192 - 480x360.
Frame Rate: 15-24 FPS.
Pros: Most popular choice. decent quality video, plays quick over broadband.
Cons: Still not good enough for high motion or full screen.

Setting 3: Download/Low-end CD (About 2-4 hours can fit on a CD)
Data Rate: 70-120k/sec.
Video Size: 320x240 - 480x360.
Frame Rate: 15-30 FPS.
Pros: Good for web when streaming not necessary. Scales to full screen ok.
Cons: Could have sharper detail, less pixelation in high motion areas.

Setting 4: High End
Data Rate: 100k-175k
Video Size: 352x264 - 512x384
Frame Rate: 24-30 FPS
Pros: Sharp picture. Scales to full screen beautifully.
Cons: Requires faster computer for playback. Takes a while to download, especially on a modem... best for CD use.

Click on the picture on the left to watch video full screen.
Remember you'll have to wait for it to download [18MB] and it does require a faster computer for smooth playback.
If that doesn't work, download this link to your desktop and open manually.

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