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NOTE: We are working on Rkstar 2.0 and won't be adding any new bands until the new site is online. Not sure when that will happen, and bands will probably have to re-apply as we'd need different information from you and things will be more automated.
If you are in or represent a local band/performer wishing to be listed on the Rkstar site, this is the page for you. If you meet all the requirements, send me your latest CD (if you haven't already) and fill out the form below. Keep in mind that we get A LOT of requests, and we try to kind of keep this list to the best of the best, and it could take anywhere from a week to months for you to be added. We also try to keep the number of bands around 50, so if we're over that, we may hold off on adding until the list shrinks. That said, here are the basic requirements:
  • The band must reside within an hour of the capital district.
  • You must have at least one studio-quality original CD out, or a really kick-ass demo.
  • Your live show must be at least 90% original material.
  • You must play out semi-regularly (at least 10 shows/year).
  • You yourself must be a preferenced Rkstar Subscriber (which is free, any way).
There are other things that can help better your chances that aren't necessarily requirements, like local radio play, a good professional website, music that targets the Rkstar audience (college/high school students), support of other local bands, an established name, etc. Here's the form, contact me with any questions. Be sure to double check all spelling and capitalizations.

User Name: <--- Your Rkstar username.
Password: <--- Your Rkstar password.

This is your band name, or your own name if you are a solo performer.
Act Name:

This is your main band email, what most people will use to contact you.

Choose up to 3 genres that best cover your style(s) of music. It's usually best to pick the choose the one that best describes you as your first choice.
Genres:[an error occurred while processing this directive]

Your local hometown. Small towns are cooler than the cities, so don't list Albany just because your nearby... only if that's where you're actually from.

Your website if you've got one. We include it on your Rkstar page after you add a link to us. And we get over a million hits a month... so it's a real good idea.

This is your band photo, as would be displayed in a newspaper article about the band, etc. It has to be a JPEG file at least 400x400 in size, but no bigger than 100KB. We'll compress it down to a clean 20KB or so before posting live.

The members of the band with instruments in parenthesis, separated by commas. Like Jane Doe (vocals/guitar), John Doe (drums), Bill Smith (bass/vocals). Please list them in the same order as in the press photo, left to right.

This is your band's discography, with each album's year in parenthesis.

A quick short sentence/statement telling the readers why they should check you out, in about 20 words or less, and humor is always cool.
Band Plug:

What song(s) you suggest for the sample song. You can decide, or let us decide, or just narrow down a couple for us to choose from.