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Here are the top 100 songs of 2001,
as voted by you on Reader's Choice.

1)870.42Hash PipeWeezerThe Green Album4/15/01
2)863.25Save MeRemy ZeroThe Golden Hum9/23/01
3)852.37I Might Be WrongRadioheadAmnesiac5/13/01
4)820.12Mr. WriterStereophonicsJust Enough Education to Perform4/8/01
5)782.05How You Remind MeNickelbackSilver Side Up7/22/01
6)779.19SometimesOursDistorted Lullabies4/15/01
7)773.05Rockin' The SuburbsBen FoldsRockin' The Suburbs7/15/01
8)747.78Fred AstaireLucky Boys ConfusionThrowing The Game3/25/01
9)727.59Smooth CriminalAlien Ant FarmAnthology6/10/01
10)719.06Island In The SunWeezerThe Green Album7/15/01
11)715.64ClosetPete YornMusic For The Morning After8/26/01
13)712.3SideTravisThe Invisible Band8/26/01
14)710.36MiseryheadOursDistorted Lullabies6/3/01
15)699.05What A DayNonpointStatement3/18/01
16)692.97Stay HomeSelfOST: Shrek9/2/01
17)659.99BusyK's ChoiceAlmost Happy12/31/00
18)648.04New BornMuseOrigin of Symmetry4/29/01
19)639.66The MiddleJimmy Eat WorldBleed American10/21/01
20)635.31Hello Time BombMatthew Good BandBeautiful Midnight12/3/00
21)625.76American PsychoTreble ChargerWide Awake Bored2/4/01
22)625.61DisillusionBadly Drawn BoyHour of The Bewilderbeast3/25/01
23)614.58Last NiteThe StrokesIs This It?10/14/01
24)609.71Catch The SunDovesLost Souls1/7/01
25)606.33Extra OrdinaryBetter Than EzraCloser6/24/01
26)604.76Have a Nice DayStereophonicsJust Enough Education To Perform8/19/01
27)599.57BossmanLucky Boys ConfusionThrowing The Game10/14/01
29)593.66Daddy I'm FineSinead O'ConnorFaith & Courage3/18/01
30)585.87My HappinessPowderfingerOdyssey Number Five 3/4/01
31)585.69My NumberTegan & SaraThe Business of Art1/14/01
32)579.9Life On A ChainPete YornMusicforthe morningafter4/8/01
33)567.2GloriousAndreas JohnsonLiebling4/29/01
34)560.12StripteaseHawksley Workman(last night we were) the delicious wolves5/6/01
35)552.38Weakened StateSarah HarmerYou Were Here1/28/01
36)546.35If We Were KingsAmerican PearlAmerican Pearl2/4/01
37)532.63BeautifulFlickerstickWelcoming Home The Astronauts10/21/01
38)527.1SnibeSunny Day Real EstateRising Tide1/28/01
39)522.56Push The HandToadiesHell Below/Stars Above4/1/01
40)510.6The GauntletDropkick MurphysSing Loud Sing Proud2/18/01
41)498.36I Don't Have AnythingVastMusic For People2/4/01
42)495.81Fading OutPrimitive Radio GodsWhite Hot Peach11/26/00
43)485.37I Want To LiveSpacehogThe Hogyssey2/18/01
44)479.08Strange Little GirlTori AmosStrange Little Girls8/12/01
45)470.9This Mess We're InPJ HarveyStories From The City Stories 5/6/01
46)466.09SpiritualizedFinley QuayeVanguard3/18/01
47)419.4Work It OutBrassyGot It Made2/11/01
48)415.14He Thinks He's In LoveEleni MandellThrill12/31/00
49)409.59Clint EastwoodGorillazGorillaz5/13/01
50)407.9WonderboyTenacious DTenacious D11/4/01
51)406.3Sick Cycle CarouselLifehouseNo Name Face1/21/01
52)406.14Wrecking BallCreeper LagoonTake Back The Universe3/11/01
53)398.57RiseDovesLost Souls3/11/01
54)397.57Evolution Revolution LoveTrickyBlowback6/17/01
55)394.01MascaraKilling HeidiReflector3/18/01
56)390.58Fat LipSum 41All Killer No Filler4/22/01
57)388.44SingTravisThe Invisible Band5/13/01
58)381.53LifeOur Lady PeaceSpiritual Machines2/11/01
59)380.57PhotographWeezerThe Green Album6/3/01
60)366.4One By OneThe WaitHolding On Line One EP7/22/01
61)364.41IdiotequeRadioheadKid A2/18/01
62)358.71ChemistrySemisonicAll About Chemistry1/28/01
63)347.23New York, New YorkRyan AdamsGold10/7/01
64)345.27Hey PrettyPoeHaunted3/11/01
65)336.78WitherUnified TheoryUnified Theory2/25/01
66)335.61Invalid Litter Dept.At The Drive-InRelationship of Command5/20/01
67)328.07Simple CreedLiveV7/29/01
68)319.86Point The BlameCatch 22Alone In A Crowd2/11/01
69)318.55Still Fighting ItBen FoldsRockin' The Suburbs10/7/01
70)314.84Thank YouDidoNo Angel12/17/00
71)311.07LadylikeBig WreckPleasure & The Greed 9/30/01
72)305.4Bleed AmericanJimmy Eat WorldBleed American7/8/01
73)298.9C'monRustic OvertonesViva Nueva7/1/01
74)296.22Jealous Of Your CigaretteHawksley WorkmanLast Night We Were The Delicious Wolves9/16/01
75)289.6Never Let You DownThe Verve PipeUnderneath7/29/01
76)289.59Camera OneJosh Joplin GroupUseful Music12/17/00
77)287.52Glad GirlsGuided By VoicesIsolation Drills4/8/01
78)279.39New AmericaBad ReligionThe New America11/26/00
79)267.49I Wish You Were HereIncubusMorning View9/9/01
80)243.05Old FolksAMonkey Kong3/11/01
81)241.3UnifiedG Love and Special SauceElectric Mile4/29/01
82)241.25TurnTravisThe Man Who11/26/00
83)240.8Don't Get Your Back UpSarah HarmerYou Were Here4/22/01
84)240.24Boss Of MeThey Might Be GiantsBoss Of Me (single)2/4/01
85)238.08Right Behind YouOur Lady PeaceSpiritual Machines7/1/01
87)218.14At Your FuneralSaves The DayStay What You Are11/11/01
88)207.4Killed By An AngelSunny Day Real EstateRising Tide5/20/01
89)200.82For NancyPete YornMusicforthe morningafter11/25/01
90)200.7Frontier PsychiatristThe AvalanchesSince I Left You11/18/01
91)198.35Fear Of DyingJack Off JillClear Hearts Grey Flowers4/1/01
92)195.83MoviesAlien Ant FarmAnthology2/25/01
93)194.15Underdog (Save Me)Turin BrakesThe Optimist LP5/27/01
94)190.5As Good As It GetsGrand Theft AutoBlame Everyone7/8/01
95)190.34InnocentFuelSomething Like Human12/31/00
96)184.73Roll OnLiving EndRoll On4/22/01
97)183.2Svefn-G-EnglarSigur RosAgaetis Byrjun6/17/01
98)179.93Sometimes Wanna DieJoydropViberate10/14/01
99)174.69Hanging By A MomentLifehouseNo Name Face11/5/00